1 - panopticumCroix du Palais

WEST - from level 8 to groundfloor

Panopticum is a digital pinhole camera device. These are 360° photographs views of architectural spaces that capture the luminous and colorful intensity. Realized inside the building the Croix du Palais in Bordeaux, whose architectural structure was bare, this first series of photographs includes 32 images. Panopticum is part of a research that I have been pursuing for many years, addressing the questions of the construction of space, its perception and its meaning.

2 - vanishing point

16:9 10min10

Vanishing point is a hallucinatory journey inside a place that is halfway between construction and ruin. A static character gives the dimension of absence or human presence. His recurrent apparitions haunt the place of a desire for mutual absorption. Supported by sound evocations, the camera follows this character in a maze of concrete and light.

3 - endroits

Each of the four photographs gives a representation of the same landscape. First, a constellation of drops of water, between moisture and condensation, which is resistant to gravity on a window, and thus creates a multitude of optical lenses. This fortuitous device lets appear by transparency the landscape which is beyond, while reproducing in reverse the image of the landscape in each droplet of water. To look at a scenery is always a question of distance, to be in front of or in the landscape, to get closer or to move away to grasp all or part of it, to make the choice to be present, to build an active relationship